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 Making art is my passion.  Did it come from my earliest coloring books and crayons  and playing with red clay dug by my dad when I was six?  Maybe the art bug struck me when I saw my first art show in college with all the bold, abstract work exploding off the walls.  Maybe it seeped in like the early dawn until the full light was shining on it.  

 At any rate I began studying watercolor and acrylic one class at the time while my youngest (twins) were in Kindergarten and my oldest was in first grade.  Continuing off and on until I finally earned a BFA in painting and drawing at age 55.  During that time while raising my 3 boys I also taught school off and on, studied real estate, and ran an antique business for a few years.   Three of my friends and myself started a co-op gallery in Chattanooga, TN during the seventies where I served as its first president.  You can still visit this gallery, In-Town Gallery, on Frazier Avenue.   After moving to St. Augustine, FL I joined the P.A.St.A. Art Gallery and severed as its President for 3 of my 8 years there.   In the following years I opened my own studio where I taught adult classes as well as displayed and sold my artwork . 

 Now, after moving back to Chattanooga, TN,  I paint in my home studio,  hold membership in and serve as membership manager of International Society of Acrylic Painter, and membership in International Society of Experimental Painters.   Most of my work is abstract and non-objective, but also have painted watercolor portraits of children, flowers, landscapes, and heart paintings.   

email me at     home/studio phone  904-392-6630   website    Art work can be shipped

Joan Dorrill

Born in Thomasville, GA, 1937

Lived in: Madison, FL and Live Oak, FL, Tallahassee, FL, 

Atlanta, GA,Rossville, Ga, Chattanooga, TN, St. Augustine, FL and back to Chattanooga, TN

cell # 904-392-6630

While student art is hanging behind me I am giving a demonstration of one way to begin work on an abstract, or non-objective mixed media painting. 

 Joan Dorrill's  Short Bio

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